Casting a spotlight on women in business, LED Media was commissioned by Capital One to create original content for their Spark Business IQ blog. Marking Women’s History Month, a series of blog posts featured businesswomen, sharing their stories of success and practical tips and tricks for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Participants ranged from start-ups, small – to – medium sized companies and established businesses located across the United States.

The posts were shared widely across Capital One’s social media channels.

Creating content is trendy as ever. Are you aware of all that’s going on in the sphere? Why do business giants decide to trade online? Why does being sincere a good start for a blogging career? What is a chatbot? What is the most popular app in the world? If you’re planning to make something that will change lives, you need to know where to look for the answers to all the questions. Check out Ojowo to design and promote online learning courses in many subject areas, such as marketing. We see commercials every single day on TV and billboards on our way to school or work. However, any skills need to be acquired first. So this is your chance to become a known expert on content marketing, social media advertisement, and digital democracy, and so on! Build trustworthy connections, grow, innovate, share, and create! Open a world of new unexplored possibilities for yourself. You can do so much more. Become a professional in what you do.

Case History: Social Media

BADF_150 x 150_2

How can Twitter be used in the world of antiques? Bath Decorative Fair asked LED Media to create a tailored Twitter blast, promoting its 48 exhibitors and show program for its 2016 Fair. The bespoke Twitter strategy promoted the Fair to antiques experts and targeted key customers and collectors in the Bath and Somerset area. The social media output played its part in a successful 2016 Fair, with attendance up 20% on trade day and 15% on public days.

LED Media provided a similar service for the inaugural Bruton Decorative Antiques Fair in October 2016. The Fair exceeded its target attendance, in part attributed to a successful social media and digital marketing campaign.

Working on any business project is hard and time-consuming. It is important to maintain good relations with your clients and co-workers and communicate well with anyone. This means you have to be able to get writing services with a clear message that is easy to follow and has good word choices at the same time. Brush up on your work-related vocabulary that includes, but is not limited to, topics like marketing, finance, and content optimization. Mastering your words can be a powerful tool that will help you achieve your goals, whatever they might be. Look for ways to do business. Find affordable marketplaces to advertise your product. If you’re a CEO or a senior manager of a company, consider hiring personnel with the needed expertise. And if you’re trying to work on your side hustle, doing the same thing is possible. Remember, being educated, well-spoken, in some cases even sophisticated, never hurts. And don’t forget that the best investment is investing in your won skills and abilities. You shouldn’t be stingy to spend time on yourself.

Case History: Digital Democracy

Houses of ParliamentHow can we create a better democracy within the UK? During 2016, Laura worked MPs, Parliament and doteveryone to explore how increased digital understanding can improve our democratic process.

With a focus on digital skills, Laura worked with an MP and his staff to identify how they were using digital technology and what they could do to improve and be different. Laura introduced new tools and techniques for the MP to use, including a real-time polling platform, live streaming video, e-marketing and ideas for content creation.

Other recommendations for MPs and Parliament included a focus on digital security, smart use of digital data for campaigning, improve productivity using digital tools and how to proactively engage with constituents using social media.

For further information on the Digital MP project click here.

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